about Medvale

Our world becomes a better place to live for all whenever ANY individual gets healthier.

Together we can help by connecting innovative ideas to those who can benefit from them. There are plenty of healthcare breakthroughs out there. The problem is that they aren’t getting operationalized to do the most good for the most people.

That’s where Medvale comes in. We’ve created a network of healthcare innovators, leaders and supporters who envision a healthier humankind that accesses the best thinking and newest technologies.

Medvalistas pick one of three ways to be engaged.

  • Neighbors join our community by subscribing, following our activities and joining in the conversation.
  • Club Members are innovators and leaders running healthcare entities who are invited into groupings of Medvalistas with similar interests. These Medvale Clubs meet to share ideas, resources and connections in order to together advance each member’s success.
  • Shopkeepers are our trusted community members and subject matter experts who provide us the tools and know-how to better do our jobs. Medvale Shops include technology support, branding advisors and financing options.

Our community pulls together by sharing, connecting and promoting.

  • Our clubs share at monthly virtual moderated forums at the Medvale Cafe, our talking and thinking place; in additional to annual get-togethers at Catalyst HTI in Denver. Our ideas are shared through Medvale News which runs our blog. Our best thinking is archived at the Medvale Library. And we share best-of-breed vendors through our Shops.
  • It can be lonely at the top for entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators. Our club members and shopkeepers connect by grabbing a virtual table at the Medvale Cafe to talk about challenges and receive emotional support. Collectively Medvalistas know just about everyone in the healthcare industry and can make valued introductions to each other.
  • Our good ideas need to be spread. Medvalistas promote our club members and shopkeepers to our broad audience through Medvale Radio and Medvale News. Beyond that, Medvale is also its own market in that we buy from our own trusted community members.