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Why We Started Medvale

The quality of life around the world is greatly impacted by healthcare. While the design and execution of existing healthcare delivery systems were well-intentioned, modern realities and technologies offer opportunities. Those drawn into our network know there must be better ways to deliver healthcare.

In an attempt to leverage all these opportunities, Medvale was born. As the world’s first virtual healthcare network, Medvale offers a safe space where like-minded idealist Medvalistas gather to inspire each other and push themselves to new heights to improve global health, their organizations and themselves.

Medvalistas enjoy:


Meaningful conversations with inspiring thinkers in confidential settings.


A vast professional circle of highly-vetted healthcare delivery thought leaders.


Greater impact by moving ideas into action through different Medvale Clubs boosted by trusted peers and resources.

Medvale… a healthcare delivery community,
but oh so much more!

What We Do

Healthcare delivery must be improved. If not us, who?

This is why we strive to:





What Medalistas are saying
about our virtual town

Ted Epperly, MD
President and CEO
Ted Epperly
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Skip Meyer
Skip Meyer
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Edward McEachern, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Edward McEachern
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