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the world’s premiere network of health delivery leaders

Medvale exists to make healthcare work better by helping our members improve their leadership performance

In turn their organizations better –

  • improve the health of a defined group of patients,
  • improve the patient experience,
  • reduce the cost per patient
  • and improve clinician wellbeing.

These by-invitation-only leaders and innovators are recruited based on their current or past power to set strategy in their organizations and then implement that strategy, their interest in collaboration, their humility, kindness and good intentions. Once accepted, members are cohorted into bespoke eight-person clubs that meet monthly for 90-minute collaborations. Medvale also includes a cohort of health delivery influencers who are no longer running healthcare organizations full time and want a platform for giving back through advising, mentoring and coaching.


Medvale is differentiated from other communities by our narrow health delivery focus, limited to healthcare providers and those who directly support them. A metaphor of a small smart town helps us to visualize our concept of friends helping friends…supported by a comprehensive menu of a community library, local newspaper, radio station, schools, phone book, shops and clubs. By limiting our membership to 150 we can create connection and accountability to each other.


Leaders need connections during this age of disconnection. They complain of isolation and “no one to talk to” about sensitive strategic, organizational and personal challenges in a trusted confidential setting. Medvale is the antidote offering deep personal connections. We are changing the world one organization. We connect, collaborate and innovate to impact our members’ success in advancing global health.


Meaningful conversations with inspiring thinkers in confidential settings.


A vast professional circle of highly-vetted healthcare delivery thought leaders.


Greater impact by moving ideas into action through different Medvale Clubs boosted by trusted peers and resources.

Medvale… a healthcare delivery community,
but oh so much more!

What We Do

Healthcare delivery must be improved. If not us, who?

This is why we strive to:





What Medalistas are saying
about our virtual town

Ted Epperly, MD
President and CEO
Ted Epperly
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Skip Meyer
Skip Meyer
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Edward McEachern, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Edward McEachern
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