Medvale Members Help Each
Other Through A Network
Of Clubs.

We call our members (the citizens of our virtual town) Medvalistas. This suggests they are dissatisfied with existing healthcare delivery performance and are actively attempting to make changes. Like in a small town, we have clubs. Our Medvalistas join these Medvale clubs with other healthcare delivery influencers who have similar needs and interests. These clubs are limited to around eight members to keep them small and intimate. They meet monthly for an hour and a half to collaborate and help each other. We call these meetings collaborations.


Below you can see our Medvalistas within their Medvale clubs.

Knowing there has to be a better way, these healthcare idealists are improving healthcare delivery with their innovations.

Angela Adams, RN
Inflo Health
Charleston, South Carolina
Crista Durand
Newport Hospital
Newport, Rhode Island
Jesse Arnoldson
Boise, Idaho
Lar Lubbers, MD
Senior Founding & Managing Partner
Hand and Microsurgery Associates
Columbus, Ohio
Mike Snelling
Revenue Group
Cleveland, Ohio
Mohamed Saleh
Co-Founder & Principal
Windsor Locks, Connecticut
Tom Reinhardt
Cascade Medical Center
Cascade, Idaho
Tom Young, MD
Founder & CMO
Proem Behavioral Health
Star, Idaho

Doctors who have found themselves in charge of physician enterprises within hospitals want to talk with others in similar positions. No longer practicing clinical medicine full time, other physicians see them differently, while the non-physician executives they engage with daily don’t accept them as one of their own breed. Meanwhile they are expected to engage and empower the physicians they are charged to lead to advance organizational visions and objectives. Skills they didn’t learn in medical school and a tough spot to be placed into.

This intimate club is the safe place where they can talk out their personal and professional frustrations and challenges with trusted peers who are dealing with the same issues. Ideas, support and resources are exchanged leading to their healthcare systems enlightened approaches guiding their vital medical staffs.

Chris Lehrach, MD
Nuvance Health
Charlestown, Rhode Island
Jim Souza, MD
St. Luke's Health System
Boise, Idaho
Michael Rose, MD
McLeod Health
Florence, South Carolina
Mrunal Shah, MD
Thrive Healthcare Consulting
New Albany, Ohio

Seasoned physician and healthcare executives combine their years of experience to advise Medvalista companies.

Bill Vetter, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Valor Health
Emmett, Idaho
Edward McEachern, MD
EVP & Chief Medical Officer
Pacific Source Health Plans
Boise, Idaho
John Bingham
Former VP of Performance Improvement
MD Anderson Cancer
Center Boise, Idaho
Paul Miles, MD
Former Chair of the Board
American Board of Pediatrics
Boise, Idaho
Ted Epperly, MD
Former Chair of the Board
American Academy of Family Physicians
Boise, Idaho

Those with the passion and influence to profoundly reinvent delivery of healthcare come together to innovate and help each other create impact.

Amber 'AJ' Jordan
Desert Sage Health Centers
Mountain Home, Idaho
Bill Krause
Chief Growth and Strategy Officer
Solis Mammography
Dallas, Texas
Bob Gabbay, MD
Chief Scientific and Medical Officer
American Diabetes Association
Boston, Massachusetts
Hicham Zahr
Digital & Analytics Executive
Former McKinsey
Seattle, Washington
Maria Reising, RN
VP of Nursing and Population Health
Full Circle Health
Boise, Idaho
Mat Spanier
Co-Founder & CEO
Omnia Salud
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Paul DeChant, MD
Organizational Wellbeing Solutions
San Ramon, California

Once executives have left their all-consuming positions of running a healthcare organization (during the 2.0 phase of their life), they often want a less hectic lifestyle. However, during the 3.0 phase which may be one third of their lives, they still desire meaningful contributions and connections with peers. They have much to give back and experiences to share, often by financially investing in interesting healthcare innovations. This club uniquely offers them those opportunities.

Brandon Worley
Akron, Ohio
Bruce Cummings
Co-Founder & Principal
Organizational Wellbeing Solutions
New London, Connecticut
Dave Self
St. Luke’s
Boise, Idaho
David Somekh, MD
Network Director
European Health Futures Forum
Isle of Wight, England
Doug Ribley
Douglas A. Ribley & Associates
Medina, Ohio
Eva Goldenberg
Former CCO
Atlantic Health System
Highland Beach, Florida
Georges Markarian, MD
Akron, Ohio
Jim Giuffre
Past President
Boise, Idaho
John Solheim
Former CEO
Trios Health
Kennewick, Washington
PK Scheerle, RN
CEO Emeritus
Gifted Healthcare
New Orleans, Louisiana
Sue McCarthy
Former CFO
multiple health systems
Cleveland, Ohio
Tim Stover, MD
Past President & CEO
Akron General Health System
Akron, Ohio
Tom Ferkovic
Founder & CEO
Medic Management Group
Akron, Ohio
Tom Jones
Former CEO
WVU Medicine
Morgantown, West Virginia
Tom Senker
Founder & Principal
Grace HealthCare Advisors
Isle of Palms, South Carolina