Medvale Lyceums

Medvale Lyceums

The Lyceum was a learning center in Athens where Aristotle and others lectured… an excellent model for our little town in which we too can gather as a community, sit back and think about ideas we might use to create impact. Our monthly 45-minute Lyceums are offered via Zoom on the 2nd Tuesdays at 9:15a Mountain Time.



A Recipe for Recruitment and Retention of Employees

(44 minutes)

Maria Reising, RN & David Murgoitio

Maria Reising, VP of Nursing & Population Health, along with David Murgoitio, Director of Human Resources, present their successful recipe for recruiting and retaining talent. In a context where burnout is an increasing challenge, they led a successful strategy at Full Circle Health, reducing turnover from 35% annually to less than 20%.




Leading Healthcare During Difficult Times (41 minutes)

Amer Kaissi

Meet a new Medvalista who you can certainly learn from. Amer Kaissi and Jim drill into why Amer posits that a combination of low ego and high drive is what fuels success for healthcare leaders in this environment; and he executive coaches them how to adopt this style He’s literally written the book on his topic – Humbitious.




AI in Healthcare is Here to Stay (41 minutes)

Angela Adams, RN

Angela, the CEO of Inflo Health, inspires us with her journey from the bedside to the boardroom. She is concerned that post-Covid our industry is not capitalizing on opportunities we’ve been given to transform. Pandemic-induced mandates and new technologies are not being leveraged because of strategic and operational distractions.




Innovation and Healthcare (35 minutes)

Peter Chang, MD

Peter Chang, MD, the VP Healthcare Design at Tampa General Hospital, talks about what he and his team are doing to help reinvent a large regional healthcare system. His tech-enabled hospital has decided to reduce the number of heads on beds through its at-home-care investment–TGH-At-Home.




Transforming Messaging for Extraordinary Outcomes

(37 minutes)

Tim Pollard

Tim Pollard, as the CEO of Oratium, has developed groundbreaking insights, tools, and processes to craft extraordinary messaging. His mission is to share these insights with others and empower them to become world-class communicators. At this month’s Medvale Lyceum, we explore how to change the course of healthcare by revolutionizing our messaging strategies.




Ctrl+Alt+Heal: Digital Transformation in Healthcare

(37 minutes)

Andrew Nieman

Andrew shares his entrepreneurial journey to healthcare where he is now designing transformative digital and mobile solutions to better impact care.




What do Medvalistas need to know when marketing into the current healthcare environment? (30 minutes)

Saul Marquez

Saul is the founder of Outcomes Rocket Growth, a marketing firm that works exclusively with its healthcare clients to create sales results–specializing in digital marketing. You’ll be amazed by his journey as the son of Mexican immigrants to now running a powerful healthcare marketing ecosystem.




The Mastery Journey (16 minutes)

Stephen Beeson, MD

Stephen Beeson, MD shares with us his journey to mastering human development for ourselves and our organizations. Dr. Beeson is the founder of Practicing Excellence where they are helping 50,000 clinicians deploy continuous improvement to deliver better care.




Preparing for the Next Global Outbreak (30 minutes)

Ted Epperly, MD

A chat with the author of “Preparing for the Next Global Outbreak” is our perfect inaugural Lyceum. Jim interviews Dr. Epperly for this only-in-Medvale opportunity to learn how a busy physician executive finds the time to write books… and what we in healthcare must do better when the next pandemic hits.