Town Hall Staff

Town Hall Staff

Jim Trounson

Hi. I’m Jim Trounson, the founder of Medvale.

Healthcare has been my calling for my entire professional life. For me, it’s the right combination of meaningful work and entrepreneurship.

Following service in Vietnam, I returned to Idaho to become the CEO of a hospital and help initiate and run a family medicine residency—before starting America’s first physician practice management and staff leasing company.

As an entrepreneur, I know the challenges of the good folks out there who are bringing their ideas to market…and I want to help. But I can’t do much alone. Hence my determination to build a community. I think of my sweet little hometown of Wendell, Idaho…population 1,232 when I was growing up there. Everyone helped each other. Most of what I needed was right there. What a fortuitous launching pad for me, as I hope Medvale will be for others.

I love introducing people I like to other people and ideas I like. Medvale is built to do just that.

Tiago Bastos

Hi. I’m Tiago Bastos, the Town Clerk of Medvale.

I’m from Bragança Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil, but I’ve been living in Pernambuco state since 2007. I have a 20-year background in education, management, and community engagement.

I come to Medvale from a British startup company that aims to build a world in which individuals have control of their lives to access and discover opportunities, in supportive teams and engaging communities that provide financial security, growth and fulfillment.

I joined Medvale in January 2022 and I’m looking forward to supporting our Medvalistas to improve the health of individuals around the globe.

I’m a citizen of the world and love traveling. I’ve been to several countries in South America, Europe, and Africa. In my free time, I enjoy walking my dog Charlie and playing with my four cats. I’m a tech-savvy and a very curious person, always keen on learning something new.