Medvale Clubs

Like the citizens of other small towns, our Medvale residents (Medvalistas) form clubs to share a common interest in some aspect of healthcare—such as physician leadership, healthcare company founding, or clinic management.

Founders Club

Our founders of healthcare companies rely on each other for advice on growth, funding, innovation and emotional support.

Brandon Worley

Co-Founder at Mend
Akron, Ohio

Chris Dimock

Founder at Elation
Cody, Wyoming

Clint Flanagan, MD

Founder at Nextera Healthcare
Longmont, Colorado

Georges Markarian, MD

Founder at MegesHealth
Akron, Ohio

Irv Barnett

Founder at V2V Management Solutions
Nampa, Idaho

Jarod Ferguson

Founder at Inflight Health
Eagle, Idaho

Kishor Joshi

Founder at Pertexa
Ridgecrest, California

Osama Kandalaft, MD

Founder at Prestige Medical Concierge
New Haven, Connecticut

Peter LaFleur

Founder at Consilium Group
Sun Valley, Idaho

Skip Meyer

Founder at HighPoint
Medical, Inc.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Wade Erickson, MD

Founder at Capstone Clinic
Wasilla, Alaska

Sages Club

Seasoned physician and healthcare executives combine their years of experience to advise Medvalista companies.

Bill Vetter, MD

Chief Medical Officer at Valor Health
Emmett, Idaho

Edward McEachern, MD

EVP and Chief Medical Officer at Pacific Source Health Plans
Boise, Idaho

John Bingham

Former VP of Performance Improvement at MD Anderson Cancer Center
Boise, Idaho

Paul Miles, MD

Former Senior VP at American Board of Pediatrics
Boise, Idaho

Ted Epperly, MD

Past Chairman of the Board at American Academy of Family Physicians
Boise, Idaho

Strategists Club

Medvalistas making strategic decisions for their large healthcare organizations enjoy the confidentiality of their club to test possible directions and understand trends.

Amy O’Brien

CEO at Audrain Medical Center
Mexico, Missouri

Brad Artery

VP of Growth Operations and Transformation at Ascend Learning
North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Daniel Felton, MD

CEO at EngageMED
Little Rock, Arkansas

Juli Miller

Senior Manager at Consilium Group
Sun Valley, Idaho

Kyle Rickner, MD

Founder and CEO at Primary Health Partners
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Ludovic Robert

CEO at Amethyst Radiotherapy Group
London, UK

Mashi Rahmani

Founder & CEO at Medical Management Corporation (HR)
Los Angeles, California

Mo Hage

Managing Director at Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center
Dubai, UAE

Richardson Ajayi, MD

Chairman at Therapia Health
Lagos, Nigeria

Tom Ferkovic

Founder & CEO at Medic Management Group
Akron, Ohio

Clinic Executives Club

Senior leaders of ambulatory facilities, departments and associations support each other by sharing ideas to improve the delivery of care through medical groups.

Amber (‘AJ’) Jordan

COO at Desert Sage Health Centers
Mountain Home, Idaho

Brad Harper, CPA

Executive Vice President
and CFO at EngageMED
Little Rock, Arkansas

Katie Harmon

Director of Employers and
Affiliate Network at Nextera Healthcare
Longmont, Colorado

Maria Reising, RN

Chief Nursing Officer
at Full Circle Health
Boise, Idaho

Matt Godfrey

Executive Director of Physician
Services at Valor Health
Emmett, Idaho

Molly Ramsay

Corporate Operations
Director at MedMan
Boise, Idaho

Nancy Powell, CPA

Executive Director
at Independent Doctors of Idaho
Boise, Idaho

Sandi Kramer, RN

Physician Recruiter at nextGEN Group
Pullman, Washington

Disrupters Club

Knowing there has to be a better way, these healthcare idealists are improving healthcare deliver with their innovations.

Dave Self

Senior VP, Chief Administrative Officer at St. Luke’s
Boise, Idaho

Ed Rivalsky

Cleveland, Ohio

Irv Barnett

Founder at V2V Management Solutions
Nampa, Idaho

Jesse Arnoldson

Principal at MedMan
Boise, Idaho

John White

CEO at Mid-Valley Hospital & Clinic
Omak, Washington

Lar Lubbers, MD

Senior Founding and Managing Partner at Hand and Microsurgery Associates
Columbus, Ohio

Tom Reinhardt

CEO at Cascade Medical Center
Cascade, Idaho

Tom Young, MD

CMO and Founder at Proem Behavioral Health
Star, Idaho