Medvale Shops

Medvale Shops

We can’t do it alone. Curated shopkeepers fuel our technical and specialty needs to leverage our ambitions.

Medvalistas growing their companies need reliable specialized vendors. We have curated
the most appreciated partners out there; be it branding, technology or social media.
Our shops additionally serve as subject matter experts advising us on the latest relevant know how.
To maintain our maverick Medvalista independence, we accept no kick backs, rebates or shared marketing fees. Medvale Shops are part of our community only because they are best.

…delivering results, not recommendations.
Consilium is a powerful brain trust of healthcare consultants who become trusted throught
partners to the C-suite. These experts in healthcare strategy, performance improvement,
business intelligence and transactions help medical organizations turn data and information
into knowledge, and knowledge into results.

We simplify the complex.
From strategic planning to operational execution, MMG Healthcare engages at a personal level
to deliver customized, essential solutions, ensuring that client practices reach both financial and
clinical potential.
Specific services include:
· Performance improvement consulting
· Revenue cycle management
· Physician practice management
· Transaction support
· Data analytics and reporting
· Practice valuation
· Credentialing
· Compensation reviews benchmarking

MedMan’s passion is to inspire organizations, by creating incredible clinics.
We deploy a team approach to managing our connected network of high performing, provider
-controlled medical practices. We offer an expansive menu of services to keep our clients
fit and progressive to thrive in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. We intend to be a
one-stop shop that can comprehensively deliver services having to do with clinic operations.
We administrators don’t provide the miraculous care of physicians and others providers, but
we can substantially support them to touch more patients in helpful ways.

At Outcomes Rocket, we are the shared knowledge hub for healthcare’s toughest problems.
Our goal is twofold and clear. To help inspire and guide our listeners to
1. Improve patient outcomes, and
2. Experience business success in healthcare.

Tune in to learn more!

Most businesses struggle with the technical busywork involved in creating a podcast to share
their genius and create trust and sales for their company. We take away all the pain points of
creating and growing a podcast with our turn-key podcasting products, so you can grow your
network and lead your industry.