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Medvale can inspire and instruct your organization or network through our Medvale Talks resources. Aligned with our interest in advancing innovations to make the world healthier, we are recording and publishing our Medvalistas’ presentations for your free access.

Designing an intentional and healthily last 1/3 of your life

Medvalista Ted Epperly, MD and Jim Trounson presented to Boise State University’s Osher Institute (life-long learners over 50 years old) this two-hour exploration of the concept of creating a robust “3.0” and optimizing good health to enjoy it.

Doctors are from Venus, managers are from Mars

…fundamental differences between clinicians and administrators and how they can work together.

Jim Trounson
President at Medvale

Ten Lessons from a Mentor by Edward McEachern

Medvalista Edward McEachern, MD had the good fortune of being befriended by one of his professors when he was in medical school at Case Western. Here is the link to the recording of Edward’s presentation to the Medvale Healthcare Company Founders Club in which he expounds on these ten lessons he gleaned from his friend Duncan Newhouser.

What Will Change with President Biden? by Ted Epperly

Medvale Breakfast Club member Ted Epperly, MD was the keynote speaker (via Zoom) at the annual planning retreat of Little Rock (Arkansas) Family Practice. This large primary care group is headed by another Medvalista, Stephen Tucker, MD, who saw a video of Ted’s talk and asked him to help his group plan for the changes coming from the new administration.
As the past president of the American Academy of Family Medicine who represented his specialty in Obama-era healthcare reform, Dr. Epperly’s insights were appreciated at this Medvale-lead planning session.

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