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Carlos Arce
Company Leader at Elation

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Carlos Arce at Elation is on a mission to reduce healthcare workers’ loss of passion. He asks why have we created a healthcare system that takes the world's most resilient people...and burns them out. Elation's assessment tool points out opportunities within healthcare organizations to build the resiliency of our physicians, nurses, and staff; and follows up with high touch approaches to return to them the joy of medicine.

what you'll learn:

  • How healthcare organization leaders, like hospital CEOs or department leads, can quickly assess their staff’s ability to thrive during challenges.
  • From this easy to comprehend assessment, opportunities can be pin pointed for organizational changes leading to a more resilient workforce.
  • Elation can follow up as needed with high-touch coaching and trainings.
  • For example, clients with Elation’s help are seeing physicians re-engaging following organizational changes.

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