Michael O’Neil was a cancer patient during his college years. While the medical treatments worked, his patient experience was lacking. This drove him to start GetWellNetwork to get patients engaged in their care. Through technology GetWellNetwork improves the health
of the world by extending the work of physicians. Those physicians prescribe virtual care navigation for their patients—10 million of them. Technology-enabled patient engagement is the miracle drug of the future. Listen to how they involve patients in their care.

What you'll learn:
  • Five hundred large hospitals and medical groups license GetWellNetwork’s technology in order that their physicians can use it to leverage their time, reduce the number of clinical visits, and improve patient satisfaction.
  • Two-way communication between the physician and the patient becomes easier and more predictable. Automatic patient instructions, resources, and check in’s can be received on any device a patient owns that has “glass.”
  • GetWellNetwork’s staff “empathologists” insure that their high tech delivery is highly personalized.
  • GetWellNetwork’s 400 team members remain focused on their core strategy of patient engagement using data to measure outcomes.
  • Michael expects with international growth of his company they will touch 50 million lives per year.