Sam Nimah helps the sickest and most expensive patients get off ventilators and leave the hospital earlier. Lives are improved and hospitals do better financially through lower lengths of stay and reduced re-admissions. Special Care Providers runs intensive care units for hospitals; and you’ll be intrigued by how Sam picks their clients. Their team ideation works to come up with innovations to leverage virtual reality and opioid options to improve outcomes. You’ll be inspired by their stories.

What you'll learn:
  • Getting patients off ventilators earlier is a good thing.
    • Life on a ventilator is not a good life for a patient.
    • In our capitated world, hospitals suffer financially with the long length of stays and re-admissions of ventilator patients, which Special Care Providers reduce.
  • Special Care Providers takes over and staffs hospital’s care units to achieve early ambulation, early mobility using a multidisciplinary and high tech approaches--such as virtual reality and pedometers.
  • Sam picks his hospital clients more on their interest in improving patient outcomes than in how Special Care Providers can improve their bottom lines—which it also does.
  • You’ll enjoy the story of how one patient got her life back because of this company.
  • Sam appreciates that so many of the good ideas that they implement come from his employees during brainstorming sessions.