This 27-year old typifies the entrepreneurial spirit that is making a difference in our healthcare. Shelby while working in a hospital as an undergraduate was bothered that excessive and unpredictable amounts of time in waiting rooms were a barrier to patient satisfaction, and ultimately to accessing care. So she fixed it. Her company’s automation and machine learning enhances the patient experience and the provider’s reimbursement. You’ll be impressed by Shelby and her tips on staying motivated. And…since this interview DOCPACE has pivoted during the pandemic to actually eliminate waiting rooms for their clients!

What you'll learn:
  • Unpredictable waiting times in a doctor’s waiting room are huge dissatisfiers.
  • DOCPACE’s technology sends real time notifications to a patient’s cell phone with updates when the doctor is running late, like airlines do.
  • Then TV screens in the waiting room show patients where they are in queue. If not eliminating waiting rooms altogether, DOCPACE is redefining waiting rooms so you can wait where you’d like—home, car, the mall.
  • When patients feel their time is valued, patient satisfaction improves—and provider reimbursement climbs.
  • Receptionists love this tool.
  • Using DOCPACE’s artificial intelligence to analyze their patient flow, physicians can customize their schedules to see more patients with less stress.
  • In order to stay motivated entrepreneurs need to celebrate small successes too.