Hospital CEOs pull Peter into their inner circle of trusted advisers. As a CPA, Peter brings his financial know-how coupled with a broad strategic understanding of healthcare in order to reach sustainable agreements that benefit the entire community long-term. As the ultimate compliment, Peter’s Consilium Group is often asked to stay around to negotiate and then administrate plans for better healthcare delivery.

What you'll learn:
  • Why Peter likes partnering with healthcare leaders over pure CPA’ing .
  • How Consilium creates long-term relations with their clients.
  • The challenges to successful physician compensation plans.
  • Consilium’s approach leads to better population health through:
    • Engaged and respected physicians.
    • Trust between hospital leadership and the medical staff.
    • Reduced cost of physician turnover.
  • Why Peter’s three rules to negotiating physician compensation plans work:
    1. Be consistent and dependable.
    2. Incentivize the right outcomes.
    3. Collaborate and be transparent.